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Why do u always like the one person u can’t have hahah standard

I’m this close to saying fuck it n texting this girl everything I wanna tell her ughhhhh ffs

im so incredibly unhappy

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i have abs………olutely nothing

Been laying in bed for past 2 hours having the urge to rant about last night so here goes. Last night confirmed 2 things, 1, that I really fucking like this girl I went out with n it fucking sucks knowing that I can’t have her, maybe one day I’ll have the courage to tell her. And 2, getting left on ur own in a nightclub fucking sucks. She fuckig left me then wouldn’t answer her phone so I fucked off home ugh girls n life is fucking shit n confusing as hell I can’t wait to fuck off out of this country forever n start me life again cos a cba at all anymore. I’m Hungover as shit with tissue up me nose cos I had a nosebleed with a banging headache n it’s like 20 fucking degrees, ughhhh FUCK OFF

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